About Us

CAUSA is the California Association of Urban School Administrators. The Association represents over 6,000 front-line managers (both certificated and classified) from numerous school district unions in the State of California. CAUSA has existed for over two decades “Empowering Educational Leaders to Improve Working Conditions.” Ultimately, improved working conditions lead to improved student success.

CAUSA delegates from member unions meet annually for a day and a half. Member associations host the meetings on a rotational basis. The meetings provide the unions the opportunity to network, strategize, share important labor/contract negotiations information, and allow unions/associations to provide updates through fraternization and collaborative conversations with like-minded leaders.

The synergy and cross-pollination of concepts and ideas has proven invaluable to the participating unions. It is not uncommon for negotiated items in one union to be negotiated into the contract of a CAUSA sister union. Participation in CAUSA is completely voluntary and not mandated by any one entity. This tenet of volunteerism and willing participation is one of CAUSA’s hallmarks. In addition, CAUSA provides tactical strategies for front-line managers who may want to form administrative unions in their respective districts.

To be a member of CAUSA, the union dues are $100 per year for each member association and 25 cents per member of each specific union. Dues are due in January each year, Example – if your union represents 500 members, your dues would be $100 plus $125 ( $0.25 per member) for a total of $225 per year. Each year, CAUSA is growing with new member unions.

Please feel free to contact one of CAUSA’s Board of Directors for additional information on how to join this dynamic organization.