U N I O N = P O W E R
10 Ways UASF Works for You

  1. The name itself says it all! United Administrators of San Francisco. We stand together on issues of importance to local school administrators.
  2. We are able to collectively negotiate a contract that spells out key working conditions, such as wages, benefits, evaluation and grievance procedures.
  3. We have a vital voice at the San Francisco Labor Council on important social issues that impact the work we do with our parent student community in the City.
  4. We protect you and stand up for you when particular issues impact you directly, as well as with issues that impact our entire group.
  5. The union (including our national affiliation with the American Federation of School Administrators) provides a variety of union-privilege programs, such as group life insurance, liability coverage, loans and family services.
  6. UASF offers tailored legal services, in individual cases. With a union, the cost is shared and becomes affordable instead of impossible.
  7. By supporting UASF, you also support important lobbying efforts at the local, state and national levels for important educational bills and programs that affect you and other educational professionals.
  8. With a union, the District must negotiate with our entire group. Stated another way, the District knows that it faces employees who stick together; stand up for each other; and demand fairness for all.
  9. UASF provides us with a collective voice on a host of issues that go far beyond the mandatory subjects of collective bargaining. The District has opted to meet and confer with our group on a wide scope of non-bargaining issues for one central reason: the District respects our group.
  10. Last but not least, the old truism rings true: In union there is strength. We are much better off with a collective, unified voice than with disparate, divided voices that often serve only to cancel each other out.


Here is a link to a sample:  Sample College Readiness Guide

A guide document detailed for each specific high school student was mailed to them.  Anyone looking for more information or if they have questions they may contact the Long Beach Unified Research, Planning, Evaluation & School Improvement Office at 562.997-8226


Several asked to be added to the AASD Weekly Update (an electronic news bulletin) that is sent out each Thursday.  If you would like to be included in the distribution, please e-mail AASD office clerk, Jim Costello, at [email protected] and ask to be added to the distribution list.   Reference that you are a member of CAUSA.


The AALA website has been re-vamped and the Update is posted weekly.    Check it out!

San Diego Unified Budget Cuts

SAN DIEGO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT is facing massive budget cuts to address the budget deficit.  Thus far, most of the cuts are to our AASD units (both certificated and classified).  We are estimating that we may lose 15% of our unit members  —  both classified and certificated managers, supervisors, vice principals, etc.  It appears that AASD is taking the biggest percentage hit amongst all of the bargaining units.

AASD will be publishing the following information in our AASD Weekly Update this week:

2/9/17 – BUDGET REDUCTION UPDATE.   Since last week’s Update many more of our AASD colleagues have received information that their positions are being recommended for elimination due to the budget cuts or reorganization.  This includes but it not limited to vice principals, child development center administrators, classified supervisors assigned to school sites (with the exception of site custodial supervisors), central office certificated managers and central office classified managers/supervisors.  AASD appears to be taking the brunt of the cuts in terms of percentages of bargaining unit members affected.  Central office is being dismantled and the school sites are being stripped of resources in terms of vice principals and classified supervisors/managers assigned to our schools to support the students and staff.  If the Board of Education believes these cuts are far away from the classroom, they are sorely mistaken.  These draconian cuts will greatly affect students and will dramatically increase the workload of those AASD members who remain standing after the proposed cuts.

As reported last week, AASD immediately demanded to bargain the Impacts and Effects of the decisions to eliminate positions and to bargain an early retirement plan for our members, however no bargaining dates have been provided yet by the District.

The proposed eliminations will be presented to the Board of Education for first reading on February 21and for a vote on February 28.

As more information becomes available, AASD will keep members updated.  It is imperative that you continue to check your personal e-mail for the AASD Weekly Update (each Thursday).  This is how AASD communicates with members.  If you are not receiving the Update, if your personal e-mail address changes, or if an AASD colleague tells you they are not receiving the Update, please contact the AASD office to update information or for assistance.  Our telephone number is 619-295-2118 or e-mail Jim Costello at [email protected].

In addition, please feel free to contact AASD President/Executive Director, Donis Coronel, at the AASD office at 619-295-2118 or by e-mail to [email protected] with any questions or concerns.  AASD understands this is a very difficult time for many of our members.  We are here to support you.

Two news reports are below, including the Superintendent’s Facebook Page message: