The Administrators Association of San Diego City Schools (AASD) joins the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) AFL-CIO as Local 134!

On July 1, 2019, AASD became Local 134 of AFSA.  Over 550 AASD Members and Retired Members are now members of the national organization/union for school district administrators/managers/supervisors, as well as the national and local labor council (AFL-CIO).

AASD has existed as a professional organization for over 80 years.  In 2009, AASD was certified as a Union and became the exclusive representative for principals, vice principals, central office certificated managers, classified managers and classified supervisors.  This year is AASD’s 10-year anniversary.  We have grown and thrived over the 10 years we have been a union!

On June 19, 2019 the AASD Board of Directors voted to become a Local under the American Federation of School Administrators (AFSA) AFL-CIO.  This is an important and huge move for AASD.  After careful thought and consideration, the AASD Board of Directors took the step to join arms with and become a Local under AFSA effective July 1, 2019.  AFSA is the only nationwide union for school administrators, both classified and certificated.  For close to 50 years, AFSA has been providing a powerful network of support and service to school administrators, managers and supervisors by creating one strong nationwide voice for school administrators, managers and supervisors.  AFSA is affiliated with national AFL-CIO.

What Does This Mean for AASD as a Union?  What this means for AASD is that as a Local under AFSA, AASD is now part of an organization that brings together more than 20,000 school leaders into a united voice, providing more power in the workplace.  As a Local under AFSA, AASD will also be provided with union liability insurance as part of the dues structure.  In addition, AASD staff will have access to the AFSA leadership team, the AFSA staff attorney, the AFSA public relations team, and countless other supports related to the business of running a union, which will be provided by AFSA at no additional cost to AASD.  This also allows AASD to have a voice with the local San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council (AFL-CIO). This new affiliation will not change the day- to- day operations of AASD. AFSA will be a resource and support, as needed, to AASD.

What Does This Mean for AASD Members in Good Standing?  All AASD Members In Good Standing (dues paying members) will enjoy the many benefits of AASD being a Local under AFSA at no additional cost to the member.  The AASD budget is able to cover the membership costs of being a Local under AFSA by using current member dues.  Effective July 1, 2019, all AASD Members in Good Standing received $1,000,000 of professional liability insurance; access to the AFSA Legal Trust for work related legal charges; $10,000 of AFSA accidental death coverage; AFSA Total Disability Insurance and more.  In addition, all AASD Members in Good Standing will be able to apply for AFSA scholarships for their children and access the AFSA Travel Desk for no additional cost.  All AASD Members in Good Standing will also receive AFSA AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits which are thousands of discounted services including credit cards, auto insurance, rental car discounts, pet health insurance, theme park discounts, hotel discounts, car rental discounts, moving truck discounts, mortgage programs, flower discounts, shopping discounts, motor club and legal service discounts and much more.

AASD Retired Members and AASD Affiliate Members received a separate communication from AASD offering the option of increasing their AASD membership to include AFSA benefits.

 The AASD Board of Directors fully believes that there is strength and unity in numbers and that being a Local under AFSA is a positive move for our Union.

On August 19, AASD, AFSA, and the San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council held a special AASD membership meeting to celebrate this new partnership.  Please click on the link below to see a short video of the highlights of the August 19 event.

AASD/AFSA Local 134 AFL-CIO August 19 Membership Meeting and Celebration:

In addition, please click on the link below for the Ed Week article on the affiliation of AASD/AFSA:

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